March 1-8, 2024

Croc-A-Thon is a character and fitness -focused fundraiser.  Classes and grade levels will compete to earn rewards, reach fundraising milestones, and conquer a huge Obstacle Course Challenge.

Throughout the week of Croc-A-Thon, students will collect sponsorships for the obstacle course challenge, and each day, school administrators and guest speakers will meet with grade levels to share a character lesson and review fundraising progress. On the final day, students will run, jump, and climb their way through six obstacle stations as the crowd cheers them on!

In previous years, PTO contracted with a for-profit fundraising company, which meant that the company kept HALF of the money raised.   Croc-A-Thon is a PTO and school-run program, which means 100% of the profits stay at Kate Sullivan

Croc-A-Thon is an opportunity for us to raise funds to provide our students with the best possible learning experience.

We need a team of volunteers to make the event a success.  Click the link below or email